In the beginning…

Writers’ block. That old demon. I started my first blog ever and bang! silence. Who would have thought it? I’ve written 120,000 words of narrative non-fiction and looking for a publisher. I’ve even started a sequel. Then there’s the dilapidated Trip Book that I found in a dumpster and carried in a neat circumnavigation of the spanish/french Pyrenees. It’s full of words. Even a few french ones. Perhaps that’s the trouble. I read somewhere that birds have only enough room in their brains for a certain amount of songs. I may have reached my quota. A literary swansong.


2 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. Jeni, I thank the goddess of technology for the good ole satellite. Got to see your website in its full glory, some breath-taking pictures and the soul-striking paintings.
    My thoughts, in case you’re interested:

    so bold and brave, taking over the one-room cabin
    I love the look – the size and colour of the font, the layout
    it is “its (use-by date)” – no apostrophe; I am phobic about the contemporary apostrophe catastrophe!
    “I live in a (not the) city now and Pip lives in another” has a more poignant punch
    “potential future ex” is really funny!

    How true that dreaming about romance is a waste of good creative time. It’s really the sublimated need for holy communion and a good fuck. The former underlies the on-going existential crisis and is not resolvable until we live with the divine in our hearts; the latter is easily fixed! But we want both simultaneously in the same being!

    love ‘n Light


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