In Praise of The Smiths

El Eco is strumming The Smiths, stridently. This is a noisy house. When the blender isn’t running hot the conversation is. La Dina and Jewelpunk are discussing fruit bouquets in the kitchen. They want to convert carnivores to vegans by spearing pineapple, strawberries and kiwifruit onto kebab skewers. El Eco and I just dissected the agroforestry business and decided that ecologists working within the system aren’t going to change the world. Once someone is in they aren’t going to jeopordise their career by strategically spitting the cherry pip. So how do we find a positive outcome? Will we survive beyond climate scepticism? We can’t expect the next generation to mop up our mistakes along with the ants on the kitchen bench.

I’m brought back to the jam in the loungeroom. Jewelpunk is passing us watermelon and grape kebabs for a taste test and El Eco is still strumming ‘I am human and I need to be loved.’  I have hope. it might not be possible to do it all but we have the seeds of change.


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