PS Australia Day sucks

It’s not Australia Day. It’s not something to be proud of, to celebrate, to drink a beer and look the other way when racism is dismissing people of the first nation. Think about aboriginal deaths in custody, land grabs and massacres, low life expectancy and poverty. A treaty was never signed when white people came to this land. Survival Day speaks louder. It’s the term that is used by the original inhabitants. It’s time to understand the reality and begin to change the status quo. It’s not Australia Day and there’s nothing to celebrate about colonisation, oppression and denial of the truth. As the marchers chanted on the 26th January,,, ‘Always was and always will be aboriginal land’.


2 thoughts on “PS Australia Day sucks

  1. i guess it is the same, everywhere. Every nation proudly ‘celebrates’ their ‘whatever’ day. Such insecure little nations we are that we need those kind of things. i couldn’t agree more with that opinion of yours.


  2. Thanks for your thoughts and perspective. It’s helpful to remember that this is true for every nation. It seems particularly poignant to me because Australia is a continent where aboriginal people lived for 60,000 years before white people arrived.

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