Sharing the Love

So how did everyone fare with Valentine’s Day?

I’m suggesting that, like Boxing Day is remembered as the day after Christmas, the day post Valentine’s needs some special attention. Both Christmas Day and the day of Saint Valentine have great expectations in common. We are sold on the idea of jingle bells, happy families, loads of pudding and fancy presents. In reality, Christmas Day is a duality of tinsel and trimmings that claims the highest rate of domestic violence for the year. Then there’s the Day of the Heart. If you’re already hooked up you may hope that your adored one remembers the roses and candlelight dinner or at least plucks a bunch of lavender from the neighbour’s front hedge. Instead the  ‘I’m not buying in to that consumer crap’ sends you running to the bathroom to soak solo in aromatic oils while sobbing silently for the lack of romance in the world. Or if you’re single, you scan your inbox and wonder if you should ask out that guy you think is kinda cute. Come Valentine’s Day there is no more excuse for delay so you take the plunge only to discover that, even though you have been exchanging sweet flirty eye contact for some months, he has six kids and is happily married.

I know I’m over dating. I decided to opt for tree-love this year as the sensible option. But on the day after the Day of Love, I’m feeling that the Boxes need to be ticked. Servants once received cast-offs from their overlords. The poor benefited from church donations. The day following Christmas was recognised and the people who missed out … received something. Point taken.

So sending the love to everyone out there. Happy Day after the Day of Romance.


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