We pray at the window of Japan

I painted while listening to the unfolding events at Fukushima in 2010. This was somewhat like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic because radiation was already speeding across the northern sky. The French nuclear monitoring agency recommended that we avoid eating leafy vegetables, cheese or meat. Each time ominous clouds appeared on the horizon we covered our vegetable garden with a tarpaulin and waited for the sky to bleed. I painted because there was little else I could do except spread my sorrow and the rich pigments across the canvas. Four years later, radiation is still leaking into the sea. I look at my painting and remember Fukushima and to pray at the window of Japan.

‘We pray at the window of Japan’. Oil on canvas, 90x90cm. Copyright Jeni McMillan

We watch at the window of Japan(sm)


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