Celebrating Venus

Perhaps I’m naive, but when I painted this woman feasting on cherries I wanted to celebrate the luscious gifts of summer, the joy of being alive and pleasure of being in one’s own skin. I often paint nudes and they may be self-portraits even when they don’t resemble me at all. Because it’s not the shape of my body or the colour of my hair that I want to portray. I try to capture my joie de vie in a particular moment or my despair, my solitude or a deep connection or understanding in the next. It’s all about a feeling.

I was shocked when this image was censored by an Australian newspaper. Was the colour too bright? The medium too oily? The proportions too exaggerated? Did they think that the sweet fruits represented a mouth-watering vagina? Was the tiny glimpse of pubic hair too confronting? Whatever the reason this portrait remained out of print, I think it was a mistake. Let’s celebrate the female form and the decadence of the harvest.

Les cerises

Les Cerises, oil on canvas, 90×90 cm, copyright Jeni McMillan


6 thoughts on “Celebrating Venus

  1. this is a wonderful painting…i esp. liked the tiny glimpse of pubic hair. i can ,also, see and feel, your feeling..of course it is a mistake, being censored, that is..was the newspaper conservative? who knows..sometimes people have their own reasons for doing such things, it is impossible to be liked by everyone..nevertheless, i absolutely loved it and thank you for creating it!


  2. Peut-être les journaux ont été concernés de ce qui est arrivé aux pieds


  3. The censoring didn’t matter because the feeling and the image exist. I don’t need to be liked by everyone, these things don’t matter, and I don’t think you are suggesting that I need this approval. These things exist because the itch needs to be scratched.You are a creator so you know what I mean. Nethertheless, I like you liking my painting.

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    • i think you are far away from needing an approval Jeni..it is evident in your work and your writings. thus you are an authentic soul reveling, exposing, feeling, painting and writing a truth, your truth..who needs approval for doing that? so ofcourse i wasn’t suggesting that you need this sort of thing. looking forward for more of your paintings..

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  4. In the simple parlance of the day, the subject has tits. But I see a beautiful expression of lush enjoyment and nurturing!
    I am reminded of when I had a nude photograph stolen from an exhibit!


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