One tiny step…

On one side stands structure.

The Internal process in chaos. Decay.

Ready to change, ripe for renovation.

Though death comes rebirth.

The portal beckons.

The other side green, sweet fragrance of wet grass, petals, earth teeming with life.


Photograph copyright Jeni McMillan


7 thoughts on “One tiny step…

  1. Alimentation électrique nouvelle pour une vieille maison en pierre, les charpentiers et les ouvriers, (et peut-etre une artitse) ne sont pas loin derrière.


  2. “though deaths come rebirth”
    Such a powerful,poignant line…

    Thank you Jeni for visiting my world and follow. I’m glad it lead me you! Moonlove for you 🙂


    • I’m happy to meet you here in this world between worlds, Diwata. The idea of life, death and rebirth comes from a chapter in Clarissa Pinkola Este’s book ‘Women who run with the wolves’. The chapter is called Skeleton woman: facing the Life/Death/Life nature of Love. This book has been published in 37 languages. Perhaps you have already read it? It is one of my favourite books, speaking with the wisdom of women through the ages. The skeleton woman story spoke strongly to me because it describes the loss of love and the process of re-evaluation and finally re-emergence that comes from this. I look forward to sharing more with you. Moonlove to you also 🙂


      • Hello Jeni,

        I haven’t read this book, and would definitely find time to read it. This is why I love WordPress, we can connect, learn and share from each other. I am more than happy to meet you here too. Some tropical sunshine to you and all! Kisses :*


  3. Oops death comes..


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