Women who run with the Wolves


Clarissa Pinkola Esté got it right. In 1992 she wrote ‘wildlife and wild women are both endangered species’. She clarifies this by writing ‘The spiritual lands of Wild Woman have, throughout history, been plundered or burnt, dens bulldozed, and natural cycles forced into unnatural rhythms to please others’. Her book Women who run with the Wolves is an inspirational read, perhaps more so as we move further from our wilding and lose more of our wilderness.

For many, contact with nature has become little more than a comfortable David Attenborough moment on the couch. Survival is racing deadlines and hunting for coffee. Contact with our internal landscape is filtered by doubt and fear. I want more. I want to feel sun on my back, wind on my belly and dirt between my toes. I desire freedom to think and create and the courage to believe that wisdom comes in the guise of the crone. When I have shed my skin and trust that in life there is death and rebirth, I can truly run with the wolves and howl at the moon.

Photography by Jeni McMillan


10 thoughts on “Women who run with the Wolves

  1. nice post Jeni, thoughtful

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  2. A ‘David Attenborough in the couch’ moment! Ouch. You may be interested in my blog which equates spirituality with experiencing nature in the present moment.


  3. une nouvelle page
    par cette femme sauvage
    elle sait ce qu’elle veut
    et sa liberté coûte peu
    sa vie sans colère
    vécu en plein air

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  4. Jeni, there is also a book about men who run with the wolves! I guess we are kindred spirits! 😉

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  5. I’m always hunting for coffee! Thanks for adding to my list of “books to read”.

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