Housemate love

This is not the moment to write. I should be catching up on some well-needed zeds if I am going to rendezvous on the top of the mountain with New Housemate at the crack of dawn. I’m not attempting the 100 kilometer power-walk over 36 hours that Newbie H has been in training for during the past few weeks but I volunteered for a bush bash to meet her on the summit with a few cup cakes and a smile. It’s the least I can do to.  Good housemates are worth the effort.

We’re a pretty cohesive bunch. While Jewelpunk is swimming with the turtles in Hawaii for a month and New Housemate divides her time between work, baking cupcakes, boyfriend care and walking rediculously long distances, El Eco and I have been keeping the home fires burning.

Tonight El Eco and I hit the annual ‘Party at the Shops’ event and caught up with old friends. It was a fun night but I am the living proof that a small-framed woman should not drink two beers and a glass of wine in a relatively short period of time. I attempted to carry an easel home on my bike and came to grief adjusting my lights. What should have been a simple task resulted in cuts and abrasions and a bruised ego.

So cheers to housemates. You bring joy, good company, comfort and challenges into my life. Now I’d better set the alarm and get some sleep. Goodnight.



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