I need a bit of grounding. There are too many projects in my head. My manuscript needs a re-edit and a willing publisher. I’m sure that I could find the time if I stopped blogging … but who needs less fun in their life? There’s two unfinished paintings cluttering the hallway, a dining table littered with ceramic pieces and our lounge-room looks like the Lost and Found section at CDG airport. Major mess partout. The french have a beautiful description for my disarray… c’est un bordel!


And that’s not counting the other housemates contributions to general chaos. Did I mention we are interviewing another person for the spare room? It’s the only clean spot in the house.

So I’m ready for another venture on the mountain. I’m sure that everything will fall into place after a wander amongst the wildlife. Go commune with Nature whispers the warm wind of autumn. I’m ready, I respond without hesitation. Procrastination has a place in every creative life and besides, there’s comfort in dirt.

Ground dweller


2 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. ” c’est un bordel!” hehe, me laughing now..


  2. Me too! It’s funny. I love the power of words. I love the power of a simple expression that creates a visual image, real or unreal, who cares?. And your new wordsmithing, A little bit Higher, creates many pictures that play in my mind, real or unreal… who cares!

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