Follow the Moon

The new moon is beckoning. Time to let the energy flow and create something.

Tonight El Eco and I are going to the french film festival to see La famille Belier, a movie that made me laugh and cry in equal measure, only a week ago. It was so good that I’m going back for another emotional roller-coaster and a boysenberry choc-top with my housemate. Now this could be seen as part of the intense period of procrastination that I seem to have fallen into, but I prefer to see it as french practice. I am living in an english-speaking country so keeping my french honed to a comprehensible standard is hard work. I have to regularly listen to radio France Culture, Facebook chat with mes amis and watch beautifully-crafted European movies. Life is tough! All this effort so I can return to the south of France and follow my dreams. Not that I’m not dreaming in this wild country called Australia. There’s no point in putting life on hold.

Note to self: Follow the new slither of light and chase the stars. Grab the moonlight and create. And when procrastination strikes, eat ice-cream and see a good movie with a friend.


Follow the Moon, Oil on Canvas, 30×30 cm, copyright Jeni McMillan


One thought on “Follow the Moon

  1. Hi Ian, thanks for visiting my page again! best wishes for creativity, Jeni


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