4 thoughts on “Sharing the Love

  1. I love this piece. The subject has a self-accepting and loving posture, her facial expression is contemplative and betrays an inner joy. She is also pushed to the far edge of the canvas, at least in this photograph, and that implies that she is almost being pressed to her boundary by this expanding love cloud in the rest of the frame. Charming, accessible, yet profound. Sneaky in a way, drawing people in with a care-free appearance, and then sharing the very deep meaning of self acceptance and acceptance of others. Brava.


    • Wow! Great analysis. Thanks so much for taking time to look up my paintings and your follow. I thought that you would relate to my photo self-portraits so it’s a lovely surprise that you like my oils on canvas:-)


  2. imelda douglas

    This is beautiful. You are beautiful x


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