Hanging out in the House again…

After a couple of months drought we finally we have a new housemate. New Newbie is moving in this weekend to join our happy haven.

Lovely Sublet has taken her bruised but otherwise award-winning feet elsewhere. Jewelpunk has returned to her upstairs room, slightly worse for wear from her month of R&R restaurant indulgence in Hawaii. In a fever of repressed artistic expression, she has spent an entire afternoon daubing scrabble tiles and dominoes with bright acrylic rainbows for her new jewellery range. I hear that La Dina has landed safely in the land of endless mangoes where she is plotting a take-over on Food Babe’s extreme food blog while El Eco is home again from a stint feeding the hungry hoards at the National Folk Festival. He’s now ensconced in his cave collating statistics for the conservation of our endangered corroboree frog while our pantry is overflowing with surplus boxes of salad greens and button mushrooms. Dinner for the last two nights has consisted of mushroom soup and mushroom pastries accompanied by handfuls of curly lettuce, spiky lettuce and various other lettuce leaves topped with vinaigrette. El Eco is a good cook but I suspect that fungus and leaves have their limits.

As for me, I’m on the blog again… in between preparation for my designer debut at the upcoming Hustle and Scout fashion market, getting my first run of ready to frame prints on the production line and sorting out my camping gear from an epic trip to the mountains. It’s been hectic … my hair still smells of campfire smoke and my bed is littered with bits of wire and leather offcuts. Well, the midnight hour is rapidly approaching and I have a million things to prepare before the weekend, so I had better clear the debris and get some well-earned zeds. Happy households to all.

Credit to the Paris street artist who created this beautiful image.

Paris Street Art

Photo: Jeni McMillan


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