Be joyful and follow my heart.

This morning seems like a distant memory. I have a fuzzy notion that somewhere between the birds calling me from my dreams and my naked feet touching the floor, I fell into that melancholy that announces winter is on the way. But something happened… tonight I am light and full of potential. After several weeks of ruminating, today I decided to stop spreading myself across so many projects and to concentrate on what I do best : create without boundaries. I just got side-tracked by the allure of being slightly more financially stable and began a little foray into jewellery-making. I’m not a jeweller and there are a several million out there already, so what was I thinking? I have a lot of interesting ceramic rings and necklaces but I was starting to lose the plot. I haven’t painted for weeks, my manuscript is withering on my hard-drive and my heart was racing in the morning, not in a moment of passion but because I was feeling anxious. Crap! Something had to change. So today I made a pact with myself. Be joyful and follow my heart.

‘Dans mon jardin’, oil on canvas  90x90cm copyright Jeni McMillan

Dans mon jardin..(sm)


One thought on “Be joyful and follow my heart.

  1. Nice to meet you here, Alfonso.


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