The Divine Tree

‘There is no going back. The collaboration between artist and muse began in a time when there was only the artist. She needed a muse and searched along the river. The water sang as it flowed over rocks. Create. She walked the mountain and talked to the trees. Create they whispered. She knew there was only one path. It began in the beginning of time and stretched to her bones.’

An appreciation for geokalpataru who creates beautiful word pictures and illustrations.  Thanks geo, for your insights and inspiration.

The Divine Tree, oil on canvas 60×60 cm, copyright Jeni McMillanThe divine tree

Feedback appreciated on whether anyone can see both images. I have added the smaller image into the text as it seems that there is a problem with the one at the top of my page.


6 thoughts on “The Divine Tree

  1. wonderful, earthly, soft yet vibrant colors! i like the choice of white for the tree, it gives a feeling of a phantom, really, a spirit..

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  2. I first painted the orange/red a couple of weeks ago with the idea of Greek black-figure vases, then added the text. Today I repainted the female figure, the kalapataru sprouted from the earth and the mountain with a contemplative figure was the logical conclusion. I think you’re right about the spirit tree. It reminds me of the Australian aboriginal ancestral figures drawn in white ochre.

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  3. It’s an exciting process. I have started another 🙂


  4. I can see both images, it’s beautiful! I sometimes have that issue with a featured image. It doesn’t always show up in preview etc – but it’s there nonetheless…. And thanks for the follow!


  5. You’re welcome, Ian. Thanks for your feedback 🙂


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