Superpowers and the sighs of trees

Try standing deep inside a forest, without a torch, and see what happens. If it is early in the evening, crickets call, animals begin to move around in search of food and the crack of a branch may send your heart racing like a rabbit escaping a fox. Closer to midnight you might hear silence or the sighs of trees welcoming the starlight or the passage of the moon.

When I explain that I can see clearly on the darkest night, sometimes even the colour of flowers or the tint of my clothes, friends look at me in disbelief. It’s not that I have a superpower, I simply love walking in a forest on a dark night and know that my eyes are capable of night adaptation.  I’m not unique. The receptor rods in our eyes reach maximum sensitivity after 30 to 45 minutes of total darkness. Many people won’t experience this because cities are never truly dark … not to mention spending the better part of an hour waiting for anything is a big ask in the frenetic world that accompanies urban life.

But I truly recommend the experience. You might feel fear prickle up your spine at the thought of being far from the madding crowd … or discover the magic of night.


2 thoughts on “Superpowers and the sighs of trees

  1. as i was reading your post about the nature’s darkness of the night, it’s nine in the morning here, i am at the city, at work and mad crowds begin to scroll..your post reminded me of the beautiful summer nights wild camping at the islands..and i seriously cannot wait any longer..two more months and i am off! thanks for this

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  2. I’m excited for you … escape!

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