Two islands connected by dreams

Two islands connected by dreams. I paint to flute, hang drum, cello. The brush is dancing on the canvas, a tribal rhythm on barefoot ground. The colours visceral. French ultramarine, cadmium yellow and orange, titanium white. Raw from the tube. Mixed in situ. Linseed oil lubricating the motion. The motion lubricating the mind, the heart and the being.

Two mountains         paint!

‘Two islands’ copyright Jeni McMillan

Oil on canvas, 60cm x 60 cm


4 thoughts on “Two islands connected by dreams

  1. fantastic coloring..can you please tell us what exactly do you say in your writing inside the painting? i cannot see all of it and even though i love mysteries i still want to know..jeni!


  2. Mysteries are lovely but I can break the spell, geo.
    ‘You and me. We are islands touched by the sky connected by ocean.’

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