The wild heart of Australia

This story began in the beginning of time. I was a city girl but my heart was captured by a tall stranger and we escaped to the wilds to begin life. For I felt that this was when my life truly started. It was a romantic tale, a creation on blank canvas to be sure, ready for the layers of the history that would come and make a truly grand masterpiece of living. I learned about the mountains and the singing river. I came to know each bird from its song and an impending storm from the clouds that drifted across the valley and disappeared over the jagged horizon. Most of all I discovered a joy in my heart from the simplicity of seasons, the rhythms of nature and a solitude that preceded computers and the internet. The mail delivery was an hour away, shopping was a three hour drive each way. I had no neighbours, television, phone, fridge, washing machine, oven or running water for these ten years and I did not miss them at all. I was very, very happy.

(You can see the remains of the hut that we built by hand. As i said, there are layers of history in this treasured work of life. Top photo by Christal George.)

Jeni Snowy   Living on the river.


5 thoughts on “The wild heart of Australia

  1. Oui je connais vous et PB, (est il toujours en vie?) J’ai acheté votre premier ouvrage, un wombat que j’ai toujours. Salut

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  2. D’accord, Cedron, j’aime bien les mysteres mais …! Votre address email, svp, pour continuer parler en prive. Salut!

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  3. Παράδεισος…!

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  4. Yes geo, Παράδεισος! 🙂

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