Wilding the city girl

Yes, the city girl met the tall, handsome stranger and ran away to the bush where her life was forever changed and enriched, beyond anything she could have imagined. There have been many stories since, lives lived and died, but I think this one is worthy of a dusting down and airing in the sunlight, just so that people know that magic does sometimes happen.

‘There were several huts but the intention for each was that it could return to the ground and not leave a trace. Our first hut achieved this goal and you will find no sign of the building if you search the dry forest flats along the river. We cut dead wattle logs into short lengths to infill a pole frame. We hauled the smooth volcanic rocks from the river bed in a homemade wheelbarrow. Flattened stringy-bark sheets covered the roof. We had no power, power-tools or machinery. This was a labour of love, brute strength and endurance. But above all, it was a symbol of innocence and hope. We didn’t own the land, it belonged to the Crown. At that first moment, when two young city-dwellers chose a building site above the flood line, then adjusted it several metres to avoid a meat-eating ants nest, it seemed impossible that they would forge a life in the wilds that would last for the next decade.’

IstHut         Snowy River country : Home patch

First hut: Photo Jeni McMillan

4 thoughts on “Wilding the city girl

  1. did you build this with your partner in crime, at that time?and if so, how do you feel passing by now and see it( assuming this is a recent photo)?


  2. Yes, this is a true story. I helped to build the hut. This photo was taken when I lived there but now nothing left… ‘it returned to the ground with no trace’. I visited there recently and photographed the stone fireplace of the second hut (last blog’s photo. I will write more now that i have started this story! :-)). I feel deep connection and love for that land. Passing by made me very happy.

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  3. Une expression de vos esprits, vos efforts, vous l’avez fait un endroit de magie, et il restera ainsi pour toujours.


  4. Je vous en prie, Cedron, et je suis très flatté par votre compliment. C’est vrai que cet endoit est magnifique, mais c’est les montagnes qui tissent leur magie sans l’aide d’une personne.


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