Random encounters, non de plumes and ephemeral art

I’m on a roll with musing the memories but thought a little deviation into the universal plot thickening was on my list of to-dos today. I have been having some very odd encounters lately. A few people have popped up, almost simultaneously, taking the Power of Now into the past tense. Only in cyberworld, mind you, but unsettling nethertheless. Here I am ruminating on a dog-eared page from my passé composé in the Australian bush when an old school friend connects, a long lost buddy appears bearing apologies for life doing what life does from time to time and another ghost pursues me incognito under a non de plume. I could stop blogging and hide in my room but I’m already behind the door and, if I continue my obsession with energy saving efficiencies, I’m going to need my computer to add some heat into an otherwise finger-frigid world. Mind you, I’m a great believer in the Universe, whatever that is. I know that if I close my eyes and attempt to put my ego on hold, amazing things happen. Thanks, friends, for sharing the ride with me. I really do appreciate random connections.

The Possibility

‘The Possibility tickled her fancy’, a painting that no longer exists. I decided to re-use the canvas in a rash moment when materials were scarce. Yes, the possibility of ephemeral art tickled my fancy.


4 thoughts on “Random encounters, non de plumes and ephemeral art

  1. Le passe est la toile de l’avenir. Nous devons le colorer. Orwell etait le mec qui a chatouille ma fantaisie!

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  2. There so much in your art that make me rejoices, so much in your photographs that touches me deeply.
    Il est bien rare de poser les pieds sur un chemin qui émerveille tout en ayant des arômes du passé.
    Thank you so much for sharing these jewels.

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  3. Agnes, j’envie d’ecrit un post apropo de votre ‘about’. Est ce que vous etes d’accord avec ca? En particulaire le phrase ‘The candle is now lighted on both end into a contrasting ephemeral existence with no future.’ Je l’aime et ca ma inspire.


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