Beautiful Shadows

I’m at a fundraiser for Nepal. As after shocks break lives apart, firelight is casting beautiful shadows on strangers. A point in time. Nothing more, nothing less. Who am I to question? Encounters are never random.

BEAUTIFUL SHADOWS was written (by Tom Woodward) on buses, underneath trees, in spare rooms & on wintry park benches. It features the majestic production of Yen Nguyen & was recorded over several sessions in Melbourne & Sydney. Some of Australia’s finest & no-doubt sexiest musicians grace these tunes: Munro Melano, Sean Hamilton, Chris Hancock, Yen Nguyen, and not to mention the indefatigable iconoclast, Hubert Von Kunt.

Beautiful Shadows

Cover Art by Paul Summerfield


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Shadows

  1. indefatigable iconoclast . now your just showing off young lady


  2. And you loved it, didn’t you. And the music?


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