The muse

I need to write. I am too full, spinning in perpetual motion. Hold your centre I hear the bare branched street trees rattle outside my window. Come look at the sky sings a scurrying cloud. Can I finish this story I ask the mountain? Which one will you tell comes the measured response. There are so many trails to wander so I pause from indecision. The direction is apparent but the details lack precision. ‘I am my own muse’ wrote Frida Kahlo. ‘I am the subject I know the best. The subject I want to know better.’ So I drop my resistance and do what I do. Nothing actually matters apart from creating. Release expectations and run with the wind.

la danse

La Danse, photographic collage: copyright Jeni McMillan


14 thoughts on “The muse

  1. This is brilliantly written, very eloquent and very emotionally raw. Beautiful.

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  2. Beautiful and intimate as always, sweet Jen. I deeply love Ms Frida Kahlo, too – her unapologetic exploration of self is magic!

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  3. La vraie conscience du monde et de vous-même est un cadeau donné à presque tout le monde mais ouverte par tres peu des gens.

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  4. Me tutoyer si vous préfèrer!

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  5. Playful, erotic, and beautiful! I have become a fan of your work.

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  6. Yes it is the ultimate creation when you use yourself. Some call it bad names but they don’t realize that in the end it is the most genuine and powerful gift an artist can offer. I still follow your Ghost Jeni where ever the ravens fly.

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    • Ultimately it is all that we have for how can we truly know another? It is a gift, given and received. A collaboration and exchange. One has to have no fear or perhaps more precisely be open without consequences. Bisous.

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  7. your words are music in the wind…

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  8. As are your paintings… fly!


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