The Ghost between Worlds

In spite of my deep eucalypt roots, I tumbled into the abyss and fell deeply in love with France. And when I read Agnes Durbet’s words ‘the candle is now lighted on both end into a contrasting ephemeral existence with no future’ I was inspired. Her roots are French but her branches reach up to the clear Australian sky. Two ends burn and nothing remains the same. It’s simple. Being a foreigner quickens the pulse but creates a ghostly doppler effect that lingers in the ether.

Between two worlds

Between two worlds: photo Jeni McMillan

‘Que sera sera but I am not lost anymore.

You might be transported to other continents by some exotic pictures, postal cards blue ocean and white mountains, but I am traveling within your daily life in these places we ignore or are disturbed by. I see ghosts who give my life meaning and dimension.’ Agnes Durbet.

12 thoughts on “The Ghost between Worlds

  1. Vous êtes superbe, merci.

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  2. Oh my Goodness! what an honor. I know we are connected deeply beyond words Jeni. You posted this on my birthday. We cross patterns and destiny. I Knew it as soon as I saw your pictures, it was like I was remember them before opening your blog. I have been there in the forest with you many times and didn’t know why.

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  3. nice post Jeni. you have the gift(not only this one but..)of writing poetry in prose

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  4. Tout les deux, Agnes. Bien sur!


  5. few days late, but you are a genius. I adore you. this is so so so lovely.

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