Solitary Glory

The magical poetess, Diwata’s musing on musings creates something beautiful between us.

‘I was inspired by the post of Jeni Mcmillan 🙂 Look at her, just beautiful. I was too shy to comment on this post but she inspired me. And I don’t have a photo of me like that so I just wrote the line “You look at my ass…” haha 🙂 – the photo is not showing in the link but check her blog (if you only have the time) look for the post “And the muse whispers create” dated 14 Jan, 2015′

Diwata in Lalaland

In the absence of stars
You gaze upon every night
I’m here with you
Let me be your song
Your masterpiece
Your poetry
Gently touch my heart
Remind it to beat,
To sing the melody
A song of you and me
Spill your words and colors
All over my body
Stretch your creative thread
Sprinkle colorful feathers,
Scented flowers
Cracks of my smile
Give birth to light
You see your Self
In my eyes

The dawn is kissing the horizon
You yawn
But your hand cannot resist…
Finishing touches
Kisses on the forehead
Three steps away
Two steps turn
I feel your embrace
From behind…
I say, See you around!
You look at my ass…
I see the truth…

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4 thoughts on “Solitary Glory

  1. I am truly honored to see my words chillin’ on this nest of yours Jeni 🙂

    A special word of thanks I need to say
    To an amazing woman in every way
    Your nakedness challenged my boundaries – made me push harder
    And whispered… write!
    So I write, something out of my element…
    Allowed no complacency; extending me farther..
    And through all of this, an example you remained
    Steadfast and constant – life’s lessons ingrained

    Hugs and kisses for you goddess! ❤

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  2. I have a very happy nest, Diwata, garnished with offerings from you and geo. I can sing here to my hearts content. And tonight is the full moon. I will watch her cross the sky and smile. ❤

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