Baring my Soul

It’s time to bare my soul again and admit that I do not know. I have no idea about the powers of attraction. I am uncertain about the future. Sometimes I lose trust in the universe and experience fear. Yet I understand solitude. I have known love and the human condition of complexity and I have touched and been touched by tender hearts across the ocean. But what is love and how do I find it? You are so silly sighs the mountain. You know you know says the Tree. It is all around you laughs the wind as she picks up the brittle leaves and blows them away. The rocks know. They are older than Time. Listen to your heart they say. Love chants deep Oms that vibrate the core of the earth. I feel the rough truth beneath my feet then breathe in the present. It is here, now. I do not have to know a thing.

Tree soul

Photograph © Jeni McMillan


9 thoughts on “Baring my Soul

  1. Belle forme
    Belle femme
    Belle vie
    La montagne a parlé avec sagesse.

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  2. Je rougis, Cedron, mon ami 🙂


  3. Rougis!, j’en doute, une fierté calme peut-être.

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  4. Haha! Tu me connais trop bien.


  5. Hi Jeni… Happened on your site by accident (probably no accident) and have certainly enjoyed lingering in your words. This post is wonderful and yes… the trees know love and the wisdom within every grain of sand that formed the rocks is beyond our comprehension… but then… perhaps I have dwelled in too many dawns… for I was raised in the tops of trees… and as you can see… I’m the only weirdo that commented here in English…
    Hope your evening is most beautiful and thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts…


  6. I love the last line.. ‘not knowing’ and let the each moment presents itself with that, think moments become magic.. It’s like finding miracle each day!

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  7. You unravel it so well, Diwata ❤

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  8. Oooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm!


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