Shake the Tree


it is quiet here

The sunflowers bow to the sun

Air breathless

Pause … look at the sky

Leaves lying on the grass

A lizard eating ants

Sweet plums in my mouth,

peaches almost ready to fall

The city is a trap … snap!

I am caught

Travelling from Paradise to Paradise

The infernal lies between

Courage! say the french

Now I understand

One has to shake the tree to taste the fruit


4 thoughts on “Shake the Tree

  1. Isaac Newton a attendu jusqu’à la pomme est tombée dans sa main!

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  2. “Pause … look at the sky” — yes, i am 🙂 the sky is up there for all of us!

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  3. agenda19892010

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  4. Thank you for your lovely responses. I am in France and can’t access the internet easily so excuse my lack of individual contact. Also, i seem to have forgotten how to speak in english, ha!

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