nothing to lose

you let me go

even when your blue eyes were clear truth

i went

what did i know of your heart

for mine had been broken and the pieces

although well put back together

were still tiny scars that needed attention

i took my love to the island

and planted a seed

inspired by the ancient planus

i knew that there was a future

my tree would grow.

be patient said the mountain

be strong said the forest

everything has a season murmured the moon

but it was the wind that captured my mood as it sang to the sky

come now

there is nothing to lose

The goddess of Gavdos

Some days she walked the island,  discovering the treasures under the searing sun. Other days she slept after a fitful nights sleep when the howling wind sought refuge on the shore. Today she sat in a restless bit of shade contemplating the goddess both within and without. The island took everything then gave as much as she could stand.

The cicadas drummed her thoughts into submission. Be be be, was all she could hear. The pine needles under her tender thighs reminded her to laugh. Feel, you are human. She knew this was true. You have time, commanded the heat of the day.

The goddess smiled as she turned to the sea and met his wild embrace with her own.