Diary from Paradise

Under my tree

It is my 4th day on Gavdos, a tiny speck in the Libyan sea halfway between Crete and Africa. I’m exhausted and burnt and have barely moved from my tree! A cold winter in Australia followed by some conflicted French weather has left my Anglo skin totally unprepared for this heat.

    canberra winter

My housemates encouraged me to go. Jewelpunk gave me the lowdown on getting some sleep on the longhaul, El Eco teased me with ‘so what else are you going to do in Canberra winter? Go, you know you’ll love it!’ The Tron winked ‘you have to meet the Greek God’. They knew I needed a dose of the Otherlands. Minus seven in Canberra just wasn’t cutting it.

Of course they were right. No matter how many times I counted the less than adequate numbers in my bank account or worried about leaving ageing parents, I was already looking at maps and dreaming of paradise. Now I am here in this unbearable heat… I am here! I am grateful for the cool wind, the expanse of dazzling blue inviting me to take the afternoon by the throat and dive in and I’m excited by the prospect of time to myself to think and dream.


  Photos © Jeni McMillan


5 thoughts on “Diary from Paradise

  1. I’m having trouble keeping up with you 🙂 How long are you planning to stay in the Greek islands?


  2. Sorry, it’s a retrospective. I just returned to Australia with my notes and photos and a heart full of stories. I’ll be back in real-time soonish.


  3. I hope you never TOTALLY return to “real-time”!!!

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