The island seductress


I fall instantly, deeply in love, with Samothraki. Her bones are covered in flesh and water runs like sweat from her fecund thighs. She seduces me with her plane tree eyes and wild goat underbelly. I am lost in her canyons where the sound of water falling drowns out all consciousness except for stillness in movement … movement in stillness. I am full to bursting with passion for this island.

Photo © Jeni McMillan


5 thoughts on “The island seductress

  1. This one is so creative… love your craft Jen!! 🙂

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  2. That makes my heart sing, Quirky. I keep writing, crafting and it is getting easier and making more sense.


  3. One of my favorite photo stories of you Jeni. The first one was your photo with a tree on “Women who run with wolves” post. 😘💜

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  4. I remember that was when we really connected, Diwata. I’m happy you like this one as well. It is meaningful to me and flowed easily, perfectly. Not everything does 🙂 ❤


  5. I found this on a Croatian beach…but it would be better on an island!


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