We are the Goddess


La Victoire de Samothrace


I sketched the Nike of Samothraki as crowds of tourists paused to take a photo (strangely sometimes of me) then passed on to the next attraction. Back in Australia, I reflect, I write and I share these thoughts with you.

Goddess of victory

wings clipped

captured in digital

adored for ten seconds

dream of your island home

we will return

one day


8 thoughts on “We are the Goddess

  1. Always unique
    Movement and words

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  2. What a lovely comment, Agnes. Thank you so much. Will we goddesses meet?


  3. ”adored for ten seconds” wow! i think that Nike of Samothraki is mentally at her island and not in a museum covered by walls and flashes. beautiful sketch..and as i can see from that photo you are studying your greek words little wild goat..ahaha good for you!

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    • Everything in a museum is ‘adored for ten seconds’ and left to die in the hollow walls. (This is why I love the vibrance of street art.) I sat with Nike for a long time, almost trampled by the passing crowds. Yes, geo, I think you know her. For sure she is at her island with the Planus and the waterfalls watching the ever-changing sea. Bodies are only a shell afterall.

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  4. En vie, le reflet d’une victoire est peut-etre plus doux et subtil que la dure realite

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  5. La Victoire de Samothrace well done.


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