Ode to the Mystery


Sharp cliffs rolling

into the pounding, drowning

magnificent swell.

Wind tugging at my hair.

Feet firmly planted

against the edge

of Hell’s Jaws.

Biting gusts turning

my flesh into one bony carcass

perched at the abyss.

And beating on my careful spine …

the relentless sun.


Drawing, dreaming,writing, reading poetry (I highly recommend Mary Oliver), sharing a hammock with loved friends, massage swaps, cooking, feeding masses of beautiful people, swimming, playing… I have been to heaven and back!

Have a beautiful New Year, sun worshippers, wind warriors, and joyous beings … all of you special and creative friends.


8 thoughts on “Ode to the Mystery

  1. a wild beach and a kind sketch book!

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  2. Great poem
    Lots of powerful images
    As always Sheldon

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  3. I don’t see myself having a poetic mind. I applaud talented and creative people like you are.

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  4. Happy new year to you Jeni! Love the drawing and your words!

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