Calling the goddess


I said I would. I became the tree. White trunk, limbs bending to the heart of the mountain. For she is goddess. I am merely the dancer.


13 thoughts on “Calling the goddess

  1. Toujours belle avec une touche d’excitation.

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  2. interesting and merges so well with the surrounding 🙂

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  3. Thanks Joshi. I really appreciate your comment because you are a beautiful photographer.


  4. I am merely the dancer.

    Hmm. From where I sit that’s a bit immodest.

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    • I’m not sure what you mean, Cabrogal. But yes, I’m not a very good dancer.


      • You’d get it if you clicked the link.
        Or read this comment.


      • I’s interesting how there are many paths, many consciousnesses, so many possibilities. I read your links, Cabrogal. I can see you are exploring ideas that may even be close to universal. Who I am to question or even know these things? I have my own relationship with the earth, with nature, with all her mountain goddesses and tree gods. I know nothing more than I am touched by nature and I experience great joy when I am on the mountain. And maybe I am ‘merely the dancer’. I believe every woman on this planet is a goddess and some of us love to dance in nature as well. Go the shakti within!

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  5. You are part tree or maybe a tree in a past life. That is my conclusion. Love this.

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  6. A beautiful thought, Claudia.


  7. I, also, Think/Feel you are more than a “mere” dancer!!

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