Tree of Knowledge


She found herself by the river. Ancient story, not his but hers. She held onto the sky and tended branches, like gardens. She rested and time wandered restlessly, only pausing for passage. Her feet were rooted and mud-bound, slippered in slime.The river washed past and presented a future that mocked the moment. Still she held on to the edge.



2 thoughts on “Tree of Knowledge

  1. So many are doing it, it can seem commonplace, and maybe people notice only when the roots give way and the tree has fallen in. Like when it happens to people. I admire tenacity and here we have it. A lot to think about here.

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  2. Beautiful comment, Claudia. I was feeling stuck when I wrote this and at first i laboured over something that didn’t work. When I let go of it these words flowed like the river, surprising me with their imagery. Yes the stickiness of life, the clinging to the known and the fear of future is a huge work in progress. You’re right that many people don’t seem to notice until they fall in.

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