Journey through twilight


She’s lost her head, they said, shaking their own in order to be. There’s rules, they whispered, a little too loudly. Your dreams are for slumber. Don’t walk in the wilds.

So she wandered a little, too far down their path, and found that she lost whatever was needed. It suited the moment, for paths can be winding, deceptively sinuous, but always on track. But little by little, her footprints diminished. One day she looked and the ground lay bare.


The trees stood naked and just kept on growing. The grass died in Autumn. The moon rose and fell. The rain bled on hard times. The days met the night sky. The sun met uncertainty and wind fallowed wild. The path kept on winding, receptively open. The journey lay forward. She didn’t look back.



7 thoughts on “Journey through twilight

  1. I can’t tell where to start with my admiration of this piece. Photo and words are powerful and go together, enhancing together, really.

    On a practical note, I always worry that you are cold in these pictures. Dumb. But I always think of it! Guess because being uncovered is so – uncovered – and vulnerable. Plus, we are just coming out of winter here where I am, so, I’m still focused on avoiding cold!

    Don’t know where that’s all going. Just want to say, wow, what a piece.

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    • Thanks Claudia, I sincerely feel honored by your praise. On the practical note, ha ha … here we have the last flush of summer heat with the first crisp, autumn nights. Of course, even if it was cold, an artist suffers for art 🙂 I love extending my boundaries and feel the most comfortable when unshielded by clothes. Sharing this is an interesting process. As for vulnerability, I am sure that we both experience that in our words and images. I share your bravery 🙂


      • I am glad to hear this, the idea of being cold for your art somehow seemed wrong to me! maybe it is the mom in me to want to make everyone feel comfortable. I am reassured now!

        Interesting what you say about clothes and boundaries. I feel the opposite. I like an enclosed space, but not oppressive or too small, and not too big, either, but I like some kind of boundary to hold on to. I have felt it easy to get lost in this world and I have wanted to find a place and hang on to it.


  2. Vraiment, cette photo réchauffe l’esprit de tout le monde.

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  3. For Marcy … I think these are most likely snow gums, Eucalyptus pauciflora.


  4. I love this photo because is very close to a project of mine concerning figures in woodland. I’ll get for sure some idea out from this shot. Thanks for share.

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