The Nest


She searched high and low for the perfect nest. Of course she could sleep on the sand, repose on a bed of leaves, lie on a rock. But somehow life had become complicated. There were things to store and art to make and she wanted a home. This made a mockery of all the transient people, forced to move by forces so dark that the sun struggled to rise above the edge. With that in mind, she climbed.


7 thoughts on “The Nest

  1. This nest looks inhospitable. Spiky. I will be interested if it suits or not. Because it might. It depends, doesn’t it?

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  2. such a peculiar little forest creature you are jeni..through your photos of the forests the world is indeed a wonderful place sometimes..

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  3. Holy dooley! You must have some big ospreys around there.


  4. This is a great capture of nature. Loved it.


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