Commitment issues


I committed to Winter this year. It’s a marriage of convenience, considering my heart is elsewhere. Like any relationship, it has a few problems. The iced windscreen at 7pm was rather unsettling. I tried to turn on the defroster but received a cold shoulder. I think we need counseling because it’s going to snow.


Original Photo: Eva Culek

Photo Art: Jeni McMillan


10 thoughts on “Commitment issues

  1. You said you made a commitment to winter. Did winter make a commitment to you?
    We just made a commitment to winter (and summer) by installing solar panels. They will pay us back by being cool in summer and warm in winter.

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  2. Summer has barged in here and sat down. Hard. No one asked us, and we don’t know if any commitment has been made! Relationships!

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  3. How far did you fling it? 😉


  4. Then Spring came for two days, realised it was early and packed its bags and left. I felt on the first of those days, a feeling that I vaguely recognised, possibly because it was out of season: the feeling I feel when Spring has just arrived. Its a feeling of hope and expectation of new things. I guess I will have to wait for the real thing.

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