The long way home


You think there would be plenty of time to think on a long flight. Enough to process months of traveling through places and possibilities, to dream of people who came into my life and stuck like a grimy street underfoot. The harsh reality is that 23 hours on a plane leads to a desperate desire for sleep. When I’ve recovered, I have some stories to share. I’m still in culture shock.


5 thoughts on “The long way home

  1. was just thinking about you


  2. It has been a long way home in many respects. I’m finally beginning to settle, mainly because I’m in a painting frenzy. I look forward to sharing some with you and of course delving into all the interesting posts since I’ve been out of touch.


  3. As one who does a few of those long hauls, I know how it feels! Welcome home…looking forward to hearing all about it

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