The Sun Dance


A nest is important. In the morning I hung the sarong in the east. At Midday I draped it between the juniper trees and lay in the tiny patch of shade underneath. By the end of the day it hung limply on the west side, unless the wind challenged the unceasing heat. The buddha watched me without blinking an eyelid.

4 thoughts on “The Sun Dance

  1. Upon a summer day on a clothing optional beach in southern France, a trio came across the field of bodies and stopped near me. The woman was wrapped in a sarong similar to this. She gracefully unwound it, baring her lithe body, and spread it on the sand. She performed a grace-filled “Salute to the Sun.” I was completely in awe. When she had finished, the three of them laid down under the soothing sun. All day they frolicked and enjoyed the blessing of the sun. At the end of the day, they all got up and the woman did a second “Salute to the Sun.” Then she smoothly wrapped her body in the sarong and the three departed, disappearing into the dusk until the next day.

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  2. This is beautiful in it’s simplicity, rambler. It’s lovely to enjoy our normal state of being, unclothed from social mores.

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  3. Simply gorgeous


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