Stillness and Solitude


I am watching the sea. The waves seem to know what to do. They make a journey then die on the shore. The energy is reborn and returns to the ocean. Cycle complete.

I have to blame the sun for my philosophy, or the mountain, and I suspect that the tree had a few things to share. My nest is beautiful. Crete shimmers on the horizon like an ethereal spirit. I am halfway to Lavrakas. Once again I chose solitude. Being with people is easy but alone time is so precious.


8 thoughts on “Stillness and Solitude

  1. A warming sentiment as I shiver in the cold 🙂
    Beautiful as ever,thank you


  2. This is a beautiful shot (of you, I assume?). And good words to accompany you! I love the joy you share in being your natural self. It is so life-affirming! I’ve seen a lot of this world in my natural suit, the best way to see it!! I hope we can share more of our experiences in this beauty and normal living.

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  3. Have you ever read anything by Nikos Kazantzakis? He was from Crete, became a citizen of the world and was buried on Crete.


  4. No I haven’t read Nikos Kazantzakis… but it is time that I did!


  5. Is this Gavdos, it’s so nice and pure

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