Letter to Clare


I don’t know what to say to you. My mind has been stolen by the sound of the waves. The rhythm is tireless and speaks to each day. I don’t know what to think, under the unceasing sun. My logic has melted and sits in my hands. There’s time to be hopeful, to look at our fears. There’s no room for comfort but always for tears. I laugh at the vastness of empty belongings. The trees know the answer is deeply connected. The mountain is solid, yet crumbles away. No-one is wiser. There’s nothing to say.


4 thoughts on “Letter to Clare

  1. by far one of my favorites jeni!fuck..

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  2. Lie in the sun-drenched sand; spread your arms; turn your head towards the sun; bleach the logic out; travel to that primordial place; feel that initial pulse; the totality engulfs all of you.

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  3. What a beautiful response.

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