Sweating Survival Day


Another year has gone by and still there is no treaty for the indigenous peoples of Australia. So we march again. From the makeshift aboriginal tent embassy, ‘illegally’ planted 44 years ago in front of the former Parliament House, to the present seat of Parliament. I’m sweating, not only because it is a searing Summer day, but because we cross the police line and front the seat of power. It’s nothing new, but this time I’m thinking about the police report required to complete my visa application. Of course this is small fry compared to accounts of aboriginal deaths in custody and the institutionalised racism that the loud speakers aim at the bullet-proof doors. All the same, authority prevails and making waves is a risk. But so is life and upholding ones ethics is worth it.


8 thoughts on “Sweating Survival Day

  1. You’re welcome. I wish happy days from Turkey. Turkey is a very beautiful paradise. Especially Istanbul İzmir Antalya Bodrum is a paradise with Didim, sea nature and historical assets. As the main Christmas dad, Mary carries thousands of historical beauty. Especially you Australians come to Çanakkale every year. M. Kemal ATATURK admires the epic of the liberation of a famous country. We love Australians. The Australians fought with us, but there were states that pushed them into battle. And they introduced us to Australians as cannibals. However, when we were wounded by Australian soldiers who were fighting us, we immediately took them over to Australia. Australian soldiers are not yours. And they say you are very civilized people are deceiving us. For this reason every year, the Australians (Anzacs) come to Turkey on 18 March. We australians see sister. 🙂


  2. There is much to think about in every history especially the untruths. I will come to Turkey asI already have a friend living near istanbul. We hope for peace in the world and friendships between people of different cultures.


  3. Of course I hope you visit turkey. My country is very beautiful and we are peacemakers. M kemal ATATÜRK is the founder of our Republic. It is the leader of the world, and in one sense peace in the dormitory is called peace in the world. It’s our way out of our way. We are peace envoys. Nice to meet you. I wish you happy days. I would like to see you on my blog.

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  4. Jeni, I see on my calendar that today is Australia Day. I suppose that this means a lot of patriotic speeches? EVERY country is a great country. I’ve been to yours and like it very much. I also went to a museum exhibition about the parallels between our racial issues and Australia’s. So to speak, we are much in the same boat! 🙂 What exactly is the issue with your visa? Keep my country in your thoughts as we begin life under a nazi!


  5. We have a similar split with our “Columbus Day.” Our house changed it to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” as do many other households!

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