The Flesh and Bones


I am the muse, the photographer.and the scribe.

Which came first? A reasonable question.

The answer remains mysterious.

Ethereal as the twisted trees in a silent forest.

Shadowy as a room painted with sunlight.

Fluid as a heartbeat felt beneath my naked breast.


I’ve been working on this project for a couple of years now and excited about it’s birth into the world!


11 thoughts on “The Flesh and Bones

  1. Excellent. Congratulations Jeni

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  2. Excited right along with you! Looks glorious…

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  3. I am excited by your birthing. May it be like a slow comet!

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  4. Awesome! Congrats Jeni on your new book!

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  5. Jeni, that’s a great work of yours. I love the photos with the leaves. An impressive work overall. ANd just visited all other book in your blurb store and I found very interesting the photo collage.

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