The Auction

Art Auction

ART AUCTION! A collection of styles and genres, linked by my need to express something at the time. If I was being posh, I’d call it a retrospective.

You’ll find the galleries at

This is my brilliant idea to send works out into the world before I go. I’m on my way to Europe for a year so I’m packing up my life.

The process is still fluid. You can bid over 3 days from 16h (AEST) on June 1 until closing at 20h (AEST) on June 3rd. I’ll be at my computer, responding to bids and offering any information that you need. I’ll keep a reserve price on some but who knows what bargains will come up?

You can email me at

or message me via my Facebook page

and feel free to comment here on the blog!

The sizes are below each image in the galleries but if you need a work posted/couriered, please ask for the weight as it’s a consideration, especially for overseas posting (I think that the canvas can be taken off the stretcher and rolled up for overseas.) Organising postage/courier is up to you.

I appreciate everyone who loves a work enough to make an offer. In case you’re wondering where to start, the larger works in the French series and the Athens series will have a reserve. I know this is a scary business but it’s also exciting. I hope these paintings and a few random ceramics will finds good homes but I also understand that we all have different tastes and aesthetics so I’m fine if you don’t like the work or can’t afford to bid.

PM me if you need to come by and look at the work beforehand and once the auction is finalised I’ll contact the best bidders. I leave on June 19 for a year so I’m up to my armpits in organising, packing, storing and spending lovely final moments with wonderful friends … so your help and understanding is greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “The Auction

  1. šŸ‘ Great idea! I’ll take a look.

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  2. Hope the auction went well. Looking forward to seeing more.

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