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This heat is driving me wild. I roam the island like a feral goat. Bones cracking like sticks under a cloven foot. But it is the antlers that capture me in this moment of abandon. They are only twigs but I am surely a deer.


10 thoughts on “Wild

  1. Il vaut bien la peine d’attendre

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  2. They are only twigs but I am surely a deer.

    Probably close enough to get you shot during the US hunting season at least.

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    • Fabulous cabrogal, I hold you approval close to my deerheart !


      • As with many things, your post reminded me of a tasteless joke.

        A hunter was pushing through a deep, dark forest when he came across a golden glade where he was stunned to see a beautiful dryad beckoning him.
        “Are you game?”, he asks hopefully.
        “Oh yes”, sighs the naked nymph.
        So he shot her.

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  3. I’ve always known you as a dear.

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  4. A few weeks ago. a grandmother was shot by a hunter not far from where I am staying. He thought she was a deer! True story.


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