I am a wild creature, she breathed through every pore. Do you know how to fly, Inquired the endless sky? Of course I do, she replied, not making a move. Then where are your wings, demanded the coarse wood beneath her arse. I don’t need them today, was all that she said. So you’re stuck, laughed the branches prodding her gently. The wind was listless. No rain tried to fall. But the shadows had an interesting perspective. They took the form of whatever they lay on and when the sun turned, left no trace at all.


One thought on “Elemental

  1. When I was much younger, I dreamed/thought that, if I had peanut butter under my tongue, I could fly. So, I put some in my mouth. Sure enough! I was flying around our hatchery!. However, soon, I started losing altitude. When I got back to the floor, I thought for a minute…then put some more peanut butter in my mouth. Soon, I was flying around the room again…but with the same results.
    Then it dawned on me! I went outside, looked around at each of the four directions, decided on a direction, and started walking. Been doing it ever since, flying around the world.
    Maybe you are doing that, too!!!

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