6 thoughts on “The Cave of Comfort

  1. The hard rock, like the solid ice, eventually melts…and warms the bare body, mind and soul!


  2. Such a mysterious image and the words add to the mystique.

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    • Thanks for commenting, Robert. Interesting, I’m curious, what you see in the image? As for the words, they arrive in my mind in response to the image. I was thinking how there are times when I wish for stability and then remind myself that this doesn’t actually exist. I’m happy it’s like this. Perspective in life.

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      • I’m glad you asked. I think in some sense the reader or the viewer completes the work. I used free association to answer your question:

        I see confused and naked woman trapped in a crevice on the edge of a cliff. She is not quite middle age and she seems frightened and distressed

        And now I see America.

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  3. Yes the third part of the triangle creates another dimension, a new story. Thank you!

    Here’s another version: she’s loving her skin, high up there amongst the eagles flight, playing, laughing, for she can be anyone she wants to be. She may be crone, ancient as the rock itself or a tender, fleeting moment, a mayfly resting for a single day.


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