ABOUT Jeni McMillan


Welcome fellow dreamers and creators,

I am happy that you have taken the time to look me up. The door is open. You are about to enter a world of fanciful and sometimes serious thoughts, garnished with some of my paintings and photographs. Or perhaps it’s the other way around? I’m a full-time dreamer and creator and I look forward to sharing some of my experiences, dreams and artwork with you. If you have the time, check out my website links where you can see more of my paintings and photography. I am the quintessential artist working in my attic. I would profit from a day job but I have a passion to create that keeps my belly full of joy. My vegetable garden helps too :-). Each post contains my original material. Respect for copyright is appreciated and your thoughts are valued, so leave me some tasty morsels to contemplate.



PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK : Under my fingernails: like a well-dug garden








31 thoughts on “ABOUT Jeni McMillan

  1. Greg Ebsworth

    Hi Jeni, it’s been a while. Your life in France looks lovely. Greg Ebsworth

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  2. christine magpayo

    Loved your blog, you are such an artist Ma’am! 🙂

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  3. Hi Jeni,
    I don’t think I ever thanked you and J for responding to a letter many years ago and then sharing a glimpse of your idyllic life in the hut by the river near the crossing. Thank you. You may not even remember but for me, at that point in my life, it was important. That place will forever be in my memory. I’m too comfortable now to dare to close my eyes and take a leap into life but my dreams are still free to do as they please.

    I love your art.
    PS It snowed in Canberra yesterday. (Ici, icy)

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  4. Hi Peta, finally I got to your blog and I so hope you read this. Yes, I remember and it was lovely to meet you. There are many ways to make leaps and you have done your share 🙂



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  6. Beautiful place here. Your blog is a beauty to behold!

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  7. Loved the gallery at Saatchiart! Deep thoughts with vibrant colours! Many hidden emotions expressed through the painting. I am privileged to have you in my network Jeni


  8. Loved the Photobook about france journey and may amazing garden shots and people into that! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Hi Jenni , amazing to see your work. Would love to reconnect and fill in the blanks of the last 30 years. trixy.allott@gmail.com Trixy


  10. Hi Jeni… how are you doing?


    • Hi Gabriel, thanks for asking. I’m mostly internetless atm, hanging outside village windows, looking like a wanna be axe murdered so haven’t been able to post or read much online. Apart from that, great,! 😊 How are you?

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      • …being without Internet access sucks. I was a little worried seeing as you hadn’t posted in a while. I’m glad things are okay otherwise. I hope you’re still shooting until you get your access back.

        I’m doing well. The Doctors are all happy, so I’m happy. Hoping you’re able to get back to posting soon.


      • Life’s great! Happy to hear you’re doing well!

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  11. Welcome my dear
    I found you by accident
    I did not know that you will give me so much positive energy in one moment
    thank you !

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  12. I am very happy that you feel inspired! Thank you for following me. I haven’t posted much lately. Life interrupts!


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