Waiting for The Light


There are moments when everything is clear, crystal even. Then there is the waiting, the contemplation, the preparation for something that may erupt and cover everything with molten memories, the ashes of a life well-lived, cinders of unrequited love and the burning passion of future dreams.



Something happened. It was the inevitable grinding of the tectonic plates. The unfolding of a naked leaf into a perfect lotus pose. A bird song that cracked the silence. A kiss that vanished. A heart beat that stopped. There were words that never made it to the page and sighs unexpressed. There was the deepest indigo of my soul where the darkness of night was broken only by the silver crescent of the moon. Then sky so blue that I cried tears of joy. I held myself in the certainty that this moment would never last. Then I exhaled freedom.

The Rush


I have no idea if the French Consulate will approve my long-stay visa, apart from an inkling that the rendezvous was positive. In a reckless sort of way, I’ve been preparing to leave anyway. At least for three months. If my application pleases the administration I’m off for a year, with the option to renew. Holy shit! there’s a mountain of ends to tie off.

Being a visual artist is heart-poundingly beautiful. I spend my days soaking up images then pouring my passion onto canvas, computers and sketchbooks. I get to run around in the forest, chase clouds down the coast and occasionally throw my clothes to the wind. But there are some drawbacks. Stuff. The walls are disappearing behind mountains of artwork. Fortunately my housemates are tolerant.

I was dreaming up possibilities for art shows when there was a loud knock at the door. I assumed it was another parcel for New Housemate but the floppy plastic envelope looked oddly familiar. It was only a week since my interview in Sydney and I expected to wait two months. Was this a quick refusal or the long-awaited ticket to Europe? I opened it up… and I haven’t stopped smiling!

PS I really do need to move my paintings. Stay tuned.




Return to the sweet demon


There’s a summer happening here, in realtime. Greece can wait. The UV is burning and the capital is empty. Everyone has fled the work ethic and dived into coastal holiday mode. I’ve had my share of joyous outpourings and returned to pluck at my canvas. Ah the music is sweet! But first I dropped into a moment of intense solitude, meeting New Year’s Eve with a sober stare and a promise of hanging out another time. I needed to think. Then I dropped into depression. I needed to process. On the third day I rose from these dreamless depths with curiosity. The world still existed post Donald Trump. It was bright and somewhat magical. Politics excepted.


Blurred vision


I have an inappropriate crush on you, she wrote. 9 times. It was a glitch, thanks to the vagaries of the unsmart phone.

He reminded her and added that he read it. 9 times. Thinking that there may have been something else hidden in the text.

Exposed. They laughed.

After the fifth glass of wine she left her bike propped against the tree. Unlocked. They took a cab to a bar and opened the door on all things unsaid. It didn’t matter any more.

At 3am she walked home. Her breath damp. Like the grass in the deserted park. He stayed. Someone had to talk to the whiskey.

She whispered sweet nothings into her pillow then rolled over into a dreamless sleep.

Bones of creation


Yes, the bones are,


Beneath the flesh.

Nothing hidden.

Nothing left.

Sun piercing,

Through the canopy,

Casting shadows into,



Yes, the ribs are,


Above the chasm,

Where the heart once wept.

Leaves turning,

Beating softly,




Yes, the bones are,


The skull,

Once decapitated,

Still surviving,

Naked truth.

The keys turning,





# First etching


# Playing with possibilities – overprinting, gouache, compressed charcoal.



I am totally, unconditionally,

In the present moment.

With women bathing,

Sun seducing,

Wind blowing, sweet

Caresses on my naked

Limbs curled,

Back bent,

Hands busy,

With pencil


On the brink.

River calling,

Trees blessing,

Sky floating,

Canvas waiting,

Goddess gracing,

Nature offering.

I receive.

I’m blessed.

I rest.