Wilding the Art workshops



For Bookings contact me on 0468493342

by email filmclippy@yahoo.com.au

or find the Facebook group Wilding the Art

What are they? These are process-driven workshops designed to get you into right brain thinking and open up your creativity.

What will we do? Following some warm-up body and drawing exercises, you may be inspired to shake your booty some and play around making loose marks on paper. I invite you to work individually and collaboratively.

Who are they for? If you feel like you’ve been seriously blocked from your creative source or even a little tight or rusty, this is an opportunity to open up possibilities. You don’t need to be an artist but I also invite artists to re-wild themselves. Maybe you’re a perfect beginner and just want to explore. Come along and try it out. Activating your neural pathways is a lot of fun!

My experience? I’m a full-time creative and as well as my own art practice, I currently facilitate regular life drawing classes, body image ‘Goddess nights’ for women and Wilding the Art in Nature walks.


Wilding the Art ABN 83 062 142 776