Outta sight!


It’s a sweat running down the thighs, 40 degrees day. As much as I love the Bush Capital of Australia, I’m ready to bail and head to the coast. Our entire house has a feverish flush. The Housemates are running around in underwear, no-one can be bothered going out to shop, the fridge is slowly leaking onto the sticky kitchen floor and the built-ins in my bedroom seep a shocking, soporific flow of air that makes me recoil when I open the doors in search of something flimsy. Yes, it’s time to disappear.

In a couple of days I’ll be outta range, outta sight and definitely outta the prickly Canberra heat. I’m sorry, as much as I want to feel guilty for leaving … I’m not!

Maybe I’ll find an internet-friendly spot once in a while. But there’s a strong possibility that I’ll be playing mermaid, sighted only by lonely fishermen on full-moon nights before vanishing under the restless waves and disappearing from civilisation forever.

PS.  In all likelihood, I’ll return sometime in January. Have a wonderful end of the year. May it be full of peace, love and some special moments in nature.

Photos © Jeni McMillan